Middle Arm will pollute our air

The government’s proposed gas hub is a major threat to the safe, clean air that Territorians deserve.

The Middle Arm gas hub threatens to pollute the air in the Darwin and Palmerston region, increasing Territorians’ risk of asthma, cancer, heart disease.

Toxic pollutants like particulate matter, fine particulate matter, and volatile organic compounds are all set to significantly increase by as much as 500% as a result of the proposed development at Middle Arm, according to expert modelling. Dr Petroni found that the health burden on Darwin and Palmerston could be as high as 15 premature deaths a year.

We know that in other places around the world where similar petrochemical hubs have been developed, those places become health sacrifice zones and have been termed ‘cancer alley’.

The dangerous impacts of gas development to human populations are well-researched. We can’t risk the health of Darwin and the health of Territorians all for the sake of petrochemical companies’ profits.

Doctors, nurses, and public health associations are speaking out about the risks that gas and petrochemical development at Middle Arm poses to the health of Territorians. Join the movement now.

Authorised by K. Howey, Environment Centre NT, 3/98 Woods Street, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.