Our safe climate is under threat

Middle Arm is a disastrous fossil fuel project that will drastically increase Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions.

We know from authorities like the International Energy Agency that no new gas projects can be brought online if we are to avoid a catastrophic climate change scenario. Yet the Northern Territory Government is pursuing an enormous fossil fuel expansion at Middle Arm, attempting to unlock carbon bombs all across the NT.

Fracking in the Beetaloo Basin, Australia’s dirtiest offshore project at Barossa, the production of petrochemicals using gas a feedstock; all of these pipelines lead to Middle Arm.

Experts have estimated that the Middle Arm facilities alone could increase the NT’s emissions by 75% at a time when we need to be reducing emissions to zero. Just one of the proposed facilities – a new fracked gas processing facility – would be equivalent to opening 12 new coal-fired power stations in Australia.

The Territory is already feeling the impacts of extreme heat, sea level rise, and wild weather. Decisions that our politicians are making now, like whether or not to fund an enormous fossil fuel precinct right in our Harbour, could worsen the severity of these climate impacts.

Instead of toxic new gas projects, we are proposing a different vision for the future of the Territory: one based on renewable power and decent, clean jobs. Check it out here.

Authorised by K. Howey, Environment Centre NT, 3/98 Woods Street, Darwin, Northern Territory, Australia.